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Thanksgiving – alone?

Pumpkin Pie

My Yummy Low Carb Pumpkin pie!

Just a short little post.

This will be the first year in nearly 38 years that Al and I have spent Thanksgiving without family.

Times change, people and places change.  But hey, that’s okay.  Life would be pretty boring if things didn’t change.

Our First Thanksgiving together as husband and wife, we spent with my brother and his wife.    We traveled 400 miles in a horrible snow storm over the Wind River Range in Wyoming on our way to Idaho.

It stormed going to Idaho and snowed on our way back to Wyoming.

We had great days while we were with my brother and his wife.

Since that time, we have had many Thanksgivings with all kinds.  Some with Al’s family, some with my family and the past 8 years with one of our Son and his wife.

Well, they have moved far away, so they won’t be hosting the Great Turkey feast his wife would always prepare.    Our other sons have to work as do their wifes so getting together with them – well – just won’t happen – at least for now.

That’s okay.   We will go to a local restaurant and enjoy a great meal out.   One I don’t have to cook, just enjoy.    I love watching people and this restaurant is serving a buffet.   Great place to watch people.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  Ours will be different but I’m sure it will still be a day – just as everyday is – to be Thankful for all the things we have and enjoy.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without having Pumpkin pie for breakfast!  That is one tradition we cannot forget.

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

(I’ll post the recipe for the Pumpkin pie in another post – for now – you’ll just have to drool.)