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How did we get into this Aromatherapy thing?

We are asked often about how we got interested in Aromatherapy.

It began back in the mid 1990’s when after nearly 15 years involved with our sons  in the Boy Scouts, it came to an end.

Our sons had all grown and we decided it was time to let others work with their sons.

Well, I had plenty of things still going on, but Al, well, I told him he couldn’t let his mind go stagnant.  He had to find something of interest and continue to learn.

He started on the internet by looking up massage therapy.  Back then he thought me might like to pursue massage therapy, but due to a back injury he didn’t think he could stand to give massages.

Then he saw this thing called Aroma therapy.   Since we are naturally health minded he started to get really interested.  So much so, that pretty soon he had purchased several books.  Then more books.

Pretty soon we had oils too.   Next, as he was getting more serious,  we dug into our pockets and he soon took an Aromatherapy Course.  One of the top ones in the nation!

When he was almost done with the course he started getting inquiries from friends about where to get some of these ‘essential oils’.

Ding, Ding, Ding!  We thought about it and since I knew webpage design and he knew about essential oils.  The next thing we knew, we had a Business name,  a website and were set up for business.   This all started back in 1995 and it took 2 years to actually ‘fly’.   In April 1997, Birch Hill Happenings was born.

Over the years we have given dozens of consultations and soon I joined him in the aromatherapy business.  I decided to get a Certificate through a more ‘medical’ aspect.  My course was more specific to medical therapeutic uses of essential oils than the broader course Al had taken.    We felt this would be a great addition to our business since so many questions are about ‘health concerns’ and ways to use essential oils in the Complementary and Alternative Health field.

Here it is now some 15 years later.   We are still continuing our Aromatherapy Business and with the years of accumulated knowledge we again are expanding.

To continue to help folks to help themselves, we are writing a book together – soon to be released – watch this site for announcement – for our new book –  Aromatherapy Basics.

Of course my first book,  Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential Oils Volume 1 is available through  my ordering site.  Click Here for that.

So now you know how we got started.  Again, always Learning and reading to keep our minds working, and to stay young and to stay Healthy!

The Beginning

Well here I am, starting something new.

I’ve never had a Blog before.  I’ve always written html coding and published actual webpages.

Learning something new is scary yet fun and exciting.

Please follow along as I begin a new era of writing.  Over the next few days I hope to get you started at learning “new” things too.