What do I mean by ‘many hats’?

Just think a little bit about this.   It is quite simple really.

When you think of various ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’ or ’employment’ in years past, but not necessarily today, a person could easily be identified by a type of ‘head covering’ – you know some king of ‘hat’.

There are construction workers, fire fighters, nurses, nuns, police officers, A stack of many different hatsbaseball and football players, cowboys, dunce, witch, princess, queen or king, business man or aristocrat (Okay – this one is rarily seen), all of these folks wear a different ‘hat’.  Literally, they wear different hats!

As you continue to think about ‘many hats’,  I think of all the ‘hats’ as a person I have worn.   Now they won’t be the ‘literal’ hats but the ‘figurative’  hats I have worn.  The ones worn as I’ve been in various rolls and postitions.  The ones    worn as I fulfilled certain needs and requirements in my life.

You probably have a pretty long list of ‘hats’ you have worn too.  Each of them make up a part of who you are and often show the importance you have been to others in your life.

Each of these ‘hats’ will help develop your personality and character throughout the years, but also they help you to fulfill and live a wide and varied life.

Each of your ‘hats’ will have distinct memories of accomplishments (and mistakes) you have made along the way.  All the while learning what life is all about.

Here is a short list of some of those many ‘Hats’ I’ve worn and continue to wear, these are not listed in any particular order but I did start with the one I believed to be the first one – since I did have to be born and was someones daughter:
Veterinary Technician
Boy Scout Leader

As we continue our journey together, I’ll continue to write about my ‘hats’ and maybe yours too.    Sharing our ‘hats’ we’ll help us both to continue to grow in this journey they call ‘Life’.

What ‘hat’ are you wearing today?     My ‘Lets Cook Supper’ hat is needing to be placed upon my head!  Supper anyone?

~ Penny



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