Welcome to my New website and Blog.

As an author and writer for years about Aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils it is time to broaden the horizon.  I have many more areas that I would love to share.

Over my lifetime, learning has been one of my passions.  I love to learn!

Reading is the key to unlocking all that you want to learn and know about in the world.   Books and articles written with formal documentation is wonderful, but those written from personal experience gives the reader a new aspect and incite.

New questions and ideas can be formed while reading not only what is ‘proven’ but also from that which has seen only ‘limited’ exposure or been observed.

With this site and blog, I hope to share with you valuable information that I have discovered along my conquest for learning.

Learning about my health issues (diabetes, weight and more), about cooking and eating (primal, low carb, grain free),  about all the many ‘hats’ I’ve worn as a wife, mother, daughter and friend, my random thoughts and observations of everyday life including my all time favorite, Nature and animals.

And of course, last but not least, my new-found discovery that writing and publishing books can endure, for everyone, not only now but in years to come.

So, come join me.  Sign up for my Blog notices.  Comment or ask questions.   I am here to help you by sharing with you what I have learned or discovered.  If it helped me, maybe it’s what will help you too.

~your new friend and mentor

Penny Keay